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A bob haircut is a perfect option for a woman of any age. The hairstyle has many pleasant and tangible advantages that guarantee that the woman will look like the most desirable of all, but most importantly, she herself will be able to believe in her irresistible beauty and make sure that the choice she made is correct.

It is certainly very difficult to choose a suitable haircut from the multitude of options that are available today. The number one rule in choosing the right hairstyle is to always take your face shape and hair type into account. For example, layered haircuts are great for women with round face shapes. But they should avoid both curly hair and completely straight hair. If your face shape is square, never go for a milled bob with thick bangs since you certainly don’t want to emphasize the angularity of your face, right? The most suitable for you would be the smooth and soft lines of a short stylish haircut.

Move on. If you have an oval face shape, any bob haircut will suit you perfectly. Even if you choose the simplest version of all the variety that this hairstyle offers, it will still enhance your facial features in an extraordinary way. If you are a woman with a diamond-shaped face, choose a short milled bob or a bob for wavy hair with straight bangs. But if you have a heart-shaped face, avoid straight bangs! A chin-length bob or shorter will perfectly balance an oblong face.


Bob is considered the best canvas for various types of painting. The haircut looks very impressive in fashionable transitions such as ombre, shatush or balayage. The bob also looks attractive in platinum color which is great for older ladies.

If you want to stay in the natural color, then this haircut will allow you to express even more the natural and pleasant shade of the hair. And for the most daring young girls, stylists offer to decorate a chic bob with bright colors, colored bangs or highlights in iridescent shades. Consult with your master, he will be able to tell you in which color the bob will look more successful and beautiful.

Bob haircut arrangement

Any bob makes you look sexy. Here’s why, these hairstyles are some of the coolest options you can try. Here’s a pro styling tip – apply straighteners to your hair when styling. In this case, the hair will be perfectly straight, and the hairstyle will look much more chic and splendid.

Layered bob haircut

A layered bob will always look charming whether your hair is straight or wavy. You can choose a glamorous style where the ends are milled and slightly wavy, while the hair is completely straight. To do this, you only need a hair straightener.

A layered bob dyed in warm colors can turn you into a queen. Plus a thousand subscribers on Instagram with every post, guaranteed! Everyone will bow down to you, and you’ll definitely thank us later!

Voluminous bob

A voluminous hairstyle will make you look more flirty and feminine. In addition, the volume is never superfluous. A voluminous haircut will make your hair look thicker and healthier.

Textured bob

The textured bob is a great option, and once you manage to find the right shade of hair, this bob will become your all-time favorite. Your stylist will help you find your perfect hair color.

If you are completely confused about trendy haircuts and can’t find a hairstyle that suits your style and lifestyle, then you will definitely love the bob. It is he who has amazing versatility, which allows to transform and improve the image of any lady.