100 Photos: Interesting French Tip Nails For A Super Trendy Manicure

French tip nails are super trendy once again! Is anyone else reminded of their childhood?

I only got classic French tip nails as a kid, but now I’m finding that super cool, different trends are much more popular than just the regular white tips.

Of course, I still love the classic white tip mani. There’s something so timeless about it! However, I also like switching things up.

If you’re looking to do your nails in the newest trends then this is definitely the post for you. French tip nails are a huge hit right now!

Some of my favorite French tip nail trends are:

The geometric shape. Try doing a regular French tip manicure but give the tips a geometric slant or shape. I included lots of example photos below.

Different colored tips. Black tips, red tips, blue tips, and even multi-colored tips are really fun, depending on the season.

Patterned tips. If you love animal print, flowers, butterflies, etc., then you should definitely try out patterned French tip nails.

French tip nail accents. The regular French tip manicure can be a bit plain, so try doing a cool design on a few nails and adding just a French tip accent. I included lots of example photos below!