10 great bob carre haircut ideas for ladies over 40

If you want to get a spectacular hairstyle, but you do not have enough time every morning for styling, then a bob carre will be an ideal option for dmv. This short haircut is not whimsical and very versatile, it has a very elegant look. In this article, we will show the most important feature of the carre bob – the voluminous crown and short nape, and we will also talk about the positive qualities of such an elegant haircut.

Bobcarre is very versatile, as it suits both young and mature women. This haircut gives every lady everything she needs for her image. Thanks to this hairstyle, girls under 30 get the elegance that seduces and attracts any handsome man, and women over 40-50 years old become much younger and more attractive.

The main advantage of the carre bob is the simple style. For the everyday hairstyle, you can simply wash your hair well and dry it, but the important thing is to lift the curls from the roots and make your bangs more voluminous. The cutting technique is designed so that the strands are in the right direction immediately after washing.

Carre bob models

Depending on the physical appearance, the shape of the face and the structure of the curls, the right bob carre model is selected. The most popular options are:

1. Bob Carre without bangs – this haircut is chosen by women who do not have any facial defects.
2. Bob Carre with oblique bangs – is an ideal hairstyle for women in adulthood, because bangs hide the changes related to aging;
3. Asymmetric Bob Carre – modern haircut, in which the length of the front strands is different and looks perfect at any age.

This hairstyle includes the most pleasant advantages of the two magnificent haircuts: bob and carre. The softness of the lines, the boldness of the volume and the overall magnificent appearance of the haircut radically transforms a lady of any age into a completely and completely better version.